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Junior Varsity Team

  • The Fit Babes United Junior Varsity team is a full 12 week comprehensive workout program.  This 12 week class starts with a solid foundation and builds in intensity as you get stronger.  Bi-monthly reading assignments help you create changes from the inside out. 

  • Chose the independent study version or add-on coaching for added accountability.

12 Week Junior Varsity Team

By Renee Browne, NASM-CPT

Our Junior Varsity team is not mean for the beginner. 

You can either enroll in our freshman class or if you feel you're ready for the JV team, enroll now. 

The JV team focuses on balance, strength and endurance.

  • Workouts

    12 Weeks of workouts (36 different workouts) that only require the use of minimal equipment including dumbbells, bands and an exercise ball.

  • Demo Videos

    Every workout has a full demonstration video to show you proper form and how to complete the workout.  


  • Downloadable Timers

    Every workout that requires a timer has a corresponding preprogrammed timer you can use.  No time wasted on programming your own timers!

      • Online Support

        Through our active Instagram community and our private Facebook group, you'll be sure to connect with us and others for accountability and support.

      See what some of our other students think..

      Nanny & Student

      Julia H

       After running two Ragnar Relay races and a Half Marathon this year, I was disappointed that I haven’t seen any weight loss. The missing link was the strength training that Fit Babe University offers! The workouts can be done anywhere! In a gym or, with a few equipment purchases, done at home! I love the versatility and structure of the workouts. As someone who holds a full time job and attends college night classes, I find it very doable to fit in 3 strength training workouts during the week. And the workouts only take 30-45 mins which is perfect for my busy schedule! I love this program and love how I feel after the workouts and eating better. Thank you Fit Babes United!


      Veronica E

      I’ve been on my fitness journey for many years now and have done a variety of programs. When I started Fit Babe University I was very excited about it because it was the first time an instructor was actually demonstrating all the workouts on the plan. Having the videos has made it easier instead of me going and googling how to do them. I really enjoy the variety of workouts. I look forward to working out because I know it’s not going to be repetitive and that for me is motivating. I am half way through the program and can’t believe how fast it’s gone. I feel great and I know I'm going to finish the 12 weeks strong.


      Heather S

      The Fit Babe University workouts are a great change of pace and challenge! I've done other programs and I love the variety of this one! Each workout is different and often has moves that target areas I don’t always work. I like to have a variety of strength, cardio, and flexibility and this program gave me a little bit of everything and helped strengthen areas that I had been lacking in the past. It is great to mix things up and challenge myself while learning new techniques from a NASM certified trainer! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone!


      Danyel D

      I came across the Fit Babes United group at a time when I was unsure what direction that I wanted to take my health and fitness journey in next. This is an incredible and inspiring group of women from every level of fitness and so many different walks of life! I love the monthly challenges through Instagram that encourage at least a mile of movement each day. I have completed the Fit Babe 101 class, and I had a great time along with seeing results from the workouts! The workouts are challenging, and they can be modified to fit everyone’s level of fitness. There is minimal equipment needed, and I completed all of the workouts at home in my living room. This is perfect for me as I am a busy mom, student, and I work full time. There are video examples to accompany the workouts so there is no question if I am performing an exercise properly. This is very important to me since I have injured myself in the past due to bad form and technique. The workouts are all different, so I did not get bored or feel like they were repetitive. I felt that all of my muscles were being utilized and worked on during the workouts. I feel stronger and can see the change in my muscle definition. The readings that go along with the program have helped me to set better and more focused goals. These readings have educated me in areas of health that I have not put much thought into in the past. The Fit Babe 101 workout plan  inspired me to push myself harder to reach my health and fitness goals.


      MaryLou L

      Fit Babe 101 is a challenging, ever changing course that incorporates balance, strength training and cardio. The workouts are fun, quick and change up every week. I felt really accomplished after completing this 12 week program!


      I really appreciated how the timed workouts synced to the interval timer, your incorporation of balance and new to me workouts.  Your fitness passion and professionalism really shows through!

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