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 Whether you’re a first-time student or a seasoned pro, you’ll find our workout programs challenging, exciting and fun!


A Health & Fitness Program for YOU

Get healthy, strong and fit in the comfort of you own home, with a tribe of women supporting you.

Fit Babe University is a unique online fitness “university” for all women. Whether you’re a first-time student or a seasoned pro, you’ll find our workout programs challenging, exciting and fun! Each of our semesters are 12 weeks long because science has proven that 12 weeks is the perfect amount of time to maximize results and maintain focus. Every semester, your program evolves to keep your mind and body engaged.


We take a 3-prong approach to ensure success and true transformation from the inside out. Each prong is specially designed to address different aspects of a successful health routine, including tackling behavioral change, exercise routines and the accountability you need to keep moving forward.  As you progress through the program, you’ll increase stability and balance; gain muscle and respiratory fitness; and learn to love the process. Most importantly, you will look and feel incredible.


Our student body membership is FREE and includes our monthly challenges, educational content and several FREE workouts uploaded monthly.  


Our Freshwomen membership is a complete transformation program based on creating micro-habits for the absolute beginner.  This program adds one habit every week to build a solid health foundation and build strength to prepare you for the JV team.


Our JV team is NOT a beginner class.  We recommend you either take our FRESHWOMEN class as a prerequisite or have been consistently exercising for at least 3 months before starting the JV team.  


The Varsity team is our elite program for the experienced fitness enthusiast.  You must complete the JV team to be accepted on the varsity team.


Joining the FREE Fit Babe University student body couldn't be easier!  Fill out the form below to become an official Fit Babe!  Inside our membership area you'll learn all about how to get active with our online community and get access to all of our free content.

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